Fic Challenge: Pure Awesomeness

At least I think so. And this might be a bit wordy, I get that way. Basically the reasoning behind this challenge is I suck as a writer but I know tons of authors that don’t. I want to see what we don’t see between 101 and 5x17 and beyond, and my headcanon is that since Hawaii recently legalized gay marriage that they went to Hawaii for that reason. Especially since that goes into affect June 1st and at my high school we graduated right at the end of May. Timelines add up. To any author who wishes to participate:

I’m calling it the Total Unicorn Fic Challenge, and I have a ton of prompts for anyone who wants to go with it further than the guidelines. Prompts are for those who need it, and because this is how we did it at a board for another fandom. You get guidelines, prompts are offered once you say you wish to write and are chosen randomly. I thought it would be an awesome way to see what people come up with since it worked so well there. Now I’ll end my overly wordy explanations for now. Guidelines are :

It MUST be after 100&101.

They must either get or be married depending on what you are writing.

It doesn’t have to be long, or multi-chaptered, but it doesn’t have to be one shot if you get inspired and want to run with it. I’m not initiating a minimum or maximum length.

I’d like it to follow canon as much as possible, because 100 &101 are kinda awesome. But in that respect I should say you don’t have to include spoilers. People know what happened, and can go from there. Unless you want to and then of course run with it.

At the board I’m copying my challenge structure from the way they do it is you pick a day of the week and on that day of the week each author posts his or her story so its basically like one big multi-chaptered collaboration. I don’t know people’s schedules so once there are others involved I will have the conversation about that day, or there’s the possibility of it only lasting a few days with a post each day until its complete. I’m open to options. I hope you like the idea, and I hope you choose to participate. If so you’re welcome to send me an ask or a message.

Thank you!